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There are names in the Russian history that will always live in our memory.  To those names belongs the name of the ancient Russian Prince Alexander Nevsky, the talented army commander, wise politician and clever diplomat.  He dreamed of a great, united Russia.

It is after him the Russian School in Homebush was named. It was founded in 1971 and started with about twenty students.  And now it is one of the largest Russian schools in Sydney with about 110 students and twenty teachers.

The main aims of the school are:

  • teaching the Russian language
  • studying the fundamentals of Orthodox faith
  • development of students for the final tests in Russian in accordance with the Department of Education programme

The following subjects are included in the school’s curriculum:

  • Scripture
  • Russian Language
  • Russian literature
  • History of Russia
  • Geography of Russia
  • Translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English.

Initially, the economic position of the school was very hard.  There was not enough finance to buy the books and technical equipment.  To accumulate funds the tradition of organising concerts and annual balls was established.  And eventually the tape recorders, photocopying machine, TV set, video and other things were acquired for the school.

There are grades one to ten, preparatory class and kindergarten in the school. In addition, a school chorus, dancing group and drama class exist.  Since 1973 the school has conducted its classes in the premise of the Homebush Public School. The school operates from 8:30am to 1:50pm each Saturday during the NSW school year, is registered with the NSW Board of Studies and follows a syllabus that meets the criteria stated in the ACE Manual.

Assessment of students achievements in the four language skills is continuous, and a record of the students’ attendance and progress is kept.  The school takes full responsibility in grading students according to the Course Performance Descriptors.

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