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им. Св. Александра Невского
St. Alexander Nevsky Russian School (HOMEBUSH)

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  • In 2011 our school is turning 40. It is managed by a parenting committee.
  • Subjects included in curriculum: Scripture, Russian Language, Russian Literature, History, Music, Translations, Geography. Also Drama, Choir and Dance Classes (optional)
  • Convenient location near  Homebush train station (Map).
  • Hours: 8:35 to 13:50 each Saturday, except for public holidays and vacations.
  • The fee is low, currently $120 per term.
  • Social events like Debutante Ball , Concerts and Barbeques.

Dear Parents,

Latest: 4 February 2012 - 1st school term commences







     E-Mail: info@russianschoolsydney.org

Phone:   mob. 0410-321-346
PO Box 4130 Homebush South
Homebush, 2140
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